Dear Southern Oregon,

I’m fighting hard for your liberties.

Lily Morgan

Republican State Representative
Oregon House District 3

We want a future that allows our children the freedoms we earned.

While as Southern Oregonians, we are hard-working, fiercely independant and hold strong beliefs on various issues, we are united in caring about our families and community. We want a strong and prosperous Oregon and are willing to work together for a better future.

I strongly believe in preserving the liberties our forefathers fought and sacrificed for so valiantly. To that end, I bring our hard work mentality with me to work everyday as your elected State Representative. It is an honor and a significant responsibility to represent you.

“The future of Oregon is at stake.

I am striving to make it a better place to live, work, and play. We must continue to fight against radical Portland ideology that has torn our state apart. Southern Oregon can lead the way in taking back Oregon.”

Lily Morgan
Thousands of bills are introduced in every legislative Session. It’s easy to get distracted. But these are the big issues that I’m committed to making top priority as I represent you in the Oregon Legislature.

We need state accountability for programs and enforcement in all areas of Southern Oregon (water theft, pesticides, human trafficking, organized crime). These criminals and crimes are devastating our region. I will be working diligently across all angles to get the resources we need to combat these horrible activities.

I have long support for local control for local government to do the job right. We do not need more state government in our lives. School districts and local governments just need the resources from the state, the rest can be handled by our local elected officials. 

I voted numerous times in the past session to outlaw vaccine mandates and passports. Portland Democrats continuously voted in favor of these policies. If we do not stand up, these will become a reality in Oregon. Let’s make sure that people have the information available and then let them make the best decision for their own health care.

We need to end government handouts for unemployed people that are taking advantage of the situation. The community businesses in Southern Oregon need employees to serve their customers. Government is the problem when it comes to our companies looking to hire people. Government is the problem in regards to over-regulation and taxation that is hampering our community businesses to grow. Let’s get government out of the way and watch our local communities thrive.
Our first responders are vital to everyday life here in Southern Oregon. We all enjoy personal liberties in Southern Oregon and we want those, but when people break the law or someone needs help, we know we need the police there. Law and order must be the upheld and we must make sure that our departments are fully funded going forward.
I have fought against incredibly horrible policies that Portland legislators were shoving down all of Oregon this past session. We were able to shoot down many bad policies but they keep on coming. I will fight, find new ideas, and work with my Republican colleagues to ensure that Portland does not push into Southern Oregon.
We need to get more money to small rural hospitals and networks. There is a desire to move rural small hospitals to be referral networks to larger hospitals, that should not be the normal course of action. We can provide good health care for all Oregonians, even those in rural parts of the state.
As the Vice Chair of Housing committee in Salem, I am pushing strong to allow ADU’s in rural property as well as increasing the overall housing inventory in Grants Pass and Josephine county.
I am working very hard at increasing awareness and services for suicide prevention, drug prevention and addiction, and mental illness for our communities. We must get ahead of the problems.