As your state representative, I have sponsored a wide range of policies which have become law. These bills have included:

  • Increased reporting requirements for human trafficking
  • Increased penalties for individuals engaging in professional real estate activity without holding an active license
  • Increased health coverage for work-related diseases for firefighters
  • Protections for expectant mothers related to insurance coverage
  • Prohibitions on communicating false information about elections
  • Authorizations for county tax collectors to prorate taxes on damaged properties
  • Provisions to allow drivers to request a registration card indicating they are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Prohibitions on publicly identifying court jurors by name
  • Grant awards for organizations providing services to homeless youth
  • Exemptions from construction taxes on homes being reconstructed after fire damage
  • Authorizations for temporary housing in RVs on properties with homes made unlivable by natural disasters
  • Expansion of behavioral health treatment covered by insurance
  • Expansion of parcels allowed to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)
  • Requirement that students complete at least one half credit of civics in order to receive high school diploma
  • Increased penalties for sexual abuse when the defendant is the victim’s teacher


Session in Review

With the help of my colleagues, here’s what I was able to help secure for Southern Oregon in the last Legislative Session. Until we have more party balance in Salem, many issues are difficult to address. But “difficult” doesn’t mean I don’t try my hardest for you. The costs of not doing so are too great.

District Funding

for our Southern Oregon communities

HB 3000 Financial ImpactDoubles the CJC grant for illegal marijuana enforcement by $3 million more per biennium (total now $6 million) - primary recipients are supposed to be Josephine and Jackson Counties
$630,000Illinois Valley Shelter and Resource Center
$600,000Josephine County Support Grant Project
$500,000ODF grant for Josephine County fire radio towers
$200,000Three Rivers School District Waste Water Treatment Facility
$200,000Cave Junction water expansion
$7,120,000Rogue Community College Transportation Technology
$1,200,000Rural Josephine County Library Building Projects

Oregon Bills

making Southern Oregon even better

Chief Sponsor
HB 2498
Supports deaf and hard of hearing people registration cards, owners may request that registration card issued for vehicle include that owner, or person operating vehicle, may be deaf or hard of hearing. Prohibits Department of Transportation from adding restriction on driver license or driver permit if reason for restriction is because person is deaf or hard of hearing.
Chief Sponsor
HB 2539
This bill provides that jurors may not be identified by name in court proceeding open to public. This helps protect our justice system by protecting citizens helping to deliver justice in Oregon.
Chief Sponsor
HB 3000
A large bill that clarifies the difference between cannabis, marijuana, and hemp. Establishes Task Force on Cannabis-Derived Intoxicants. This bill will allow the Governor to dispatch the National Guard to help local agencies in fighting our cartels and other illegal activity of marijuana growers.
Chief Sponsor
HB 3026
We need to be able to identify and track our folks in the homeless community. This bill directs Department of Transportation to waive fee for issuing, renewing or replacing identification card if person who is issued card is experiencing homelessness.
Chief Sponsor
HB 3125
Emergency situations require information. Directs Department of Transportation to create emergency contact information form and make form available for individuals to voluntarily provide emergency contact information for inclusion in individual's motor vehicle record for police officers to use, during or after emergency situations, to contact those listed.
Chief Sponsor
HB 3219
We changed the language of manufacturing dwelling parks to allow for some structures in those parks and still qualify for wildfire relief.
Chief Sponsor
Directs Oregon Criminal Justice Commission to convene advisory council to assist with recommendations related to health care standards in local correctional facilities.
Chief Sponsor
I have and always will stand with my police departments and supporting organizations. This bill helps a family in Southern Oregon get some closure on their loved one. Recognizes and honors Oregon State Police Trooper Burrell Milo Baucom (1902-1933) for his service to this state. He was the first officer killed in the line of duty in Josephine County and second in the state of Oregon.
Chief Sponsor
SB 425
Our first responders should include our 911 operators in definition. Provides that Legislative Assembly finds and declares that telecommunicators are first responders.

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